Monthly Energy Update & Attunement

Hosted by Stacy Hernandez

Do you get wrapped up in the day to day and find it hard to quiet your thoughts? 

Are you having difficulty understanding why you feel a certain way?

Are you yearning to discover more about yourself on the deepest levels possible? 


The intention of Monthly Energy Update & Attunement is to connect to and explore ourselves at the highest levels of consciousness. We will dive into multidimensional levels of awareness so you can know yourself fully as well as have a deeper understanding behind your emotions at that time.

During this time of collective frequency changes and upgrades, there will be an ebb and flow of emotions that come with it. From grief to contentment to happiness, the intensity and cycles can switch unexpectedly. Learn what multidimensional factors are involved so you can move forward with authenticity and self awareness. 

This is key to transforming alongside of our planet Earth. It's time to take a peak at who you really are! 

Our monthly energy update & attunement is a time to slow down and be in meditation to reconnect within.  

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Join Stacy Hernandez, a Facilitator at Lightbody Academy who teaches energy tracking, quantum unraveling, reality management, and personal transformational skills.