Christina Schwind,

The Acceleration Expert


Christina is a new paradigm visionary and acceleration expert. She has a unique approach to advancing the spiritual gifts of healers, starseeds, and new paradigm wayshowers by unwinding intuitive blind spots and assisting them in reclaiming the power of their dreamtime.

In the 90’s, She began her work on two fronts one with indigenous record keeper Barbara Hand Clow, mastering a multidimensional activation process, which led her down a rabbit hole of experiences with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings. The second was with a collective of ancient wisdom keepers from the Andes of South America, Masters of Dreamtime and living life force energy. These masters were among the first to teach her about the veils of death, gifting her the transmissions for what they called the ‘new human’, the bringers of the new paradigm.

Today she is the founder and director of the Lightbody Academy, a global online academy that is dedicated to empowering our awakening world. Lightbody’s main purpose is to help our human family cultivate healthy autonomous exo-species relationships so humanity can step into their role as sovereign creator beings of this planet again.

Watch her free weekly Lunchtime Chats to learn more about her insights. 


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