Aligning Our Ego-driver With Spirit in Manifestating

Uncategorized Aug 12, 2022

Lunchtime Chats episode 83 Recap

Remembering dreamtime

Benefits of Forgiveness practice

  Re-training our ego driver


5:10 Remembering dreamtime; recapitulation process; multidimensional forgiveness practice

9:45 Releasing personal energy; life force; how it impacts remembering dreams

10:55 Manifestations when aligning the ego driver and our deeper aspects

15:40 The importance of community that with honesty and support

17:40 Benefits of Forgiveness practice

21:33 About the ego driver and re-training it to include it in our practices and daily life

32:09 Christina’s example of manifesting a house and having ego & spirit aligned

41:05 Fine-tuning our Inner compass

42:02 ‘Things are so until they’re not’- the importance of flexibility and discovering unknown territory; how to avoid crisis of faith; waking up through nesting dolls and transcending teachings etc

48:08 The recent ‘raid’ event; the power struggle...

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How to Keep Up With The Shifting of the Ley Lines and Energy Lines

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2022

Lunchtime Chats episode 82 Recap

♥ Changing & shifting of energy lines

  Current nesting doll energy update

  Signs your having difficulty with the the energy fluctuations

  How to keep up with the shifting energy lines

5:50 What are Ley & energy lines and how they are changing

16:01 The importance of the human bio suit

19:50 The influence tatonic shifts has on our bodies, and Earth; the new energy lines emerging affects layers of consciousness (ie. dragon consciousness) & the flow of it; the importance of changing our beliefs and walking into the unknown

26:55 Signs your having difficulty with the the energy fluctuations- fatigue, loss of clarity/motivation; lack of inspiration; anxiety; headaches; loss of internal trust

29:35 Signs you are going with the flow with the moving foundation and not stuck on the old energies- feeling of excitement; manifestations; clarity; keen discernment

30:55 How to keep up with the shifting...

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Is the bifurcation timeline narrative another form of manipulation?


♥ What is the bifurcation timeline narrative

  Fibonacci sequence & the golden mean spiral

  Polarity games of the matrix

  Layers of manipulation in the bifurcation narrative


5:45 The narrative of the bifurcation timeline; is it another form of manipulation; Pachamama message to Christina; The importance of helping others wake up

17:05 Layers of manipulation in the bifurcation narrative; the real work is to bring peace and harmony within ourselves

22:00 Fibonacci sequence & the golden mean spiral and their role in light geometry & matter; there are 6 different mean spirals that can indicate the reality you’re unfolding in; Keylontic teachings

27:00 Why bifurcation are lies and manipulations (our reality has been infiltrated from one of the highest levels we’ve had access to for a long time); illustration of the 9 dimensions nesting dolls; and what each dimension...

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The importance of inner harmonic work during the great upheaval and new creations

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2022

Lunchtime Chats Episode 80

♥ What are ‘Walkins’

  The reveal of the inversions (truths)

  The importance of inner harmonic work

4:21 Update on transitioning times; interdimensional AI’s influence; how certain current narratives originate from the outer nesting layers

10:12 Astrology and its’ influence on control systems which affects world events; astrology and its influence on our consciousness

15:00 The reveal of the inversions (truths); as you do your inner work to harmonize your frequencies will impact external influences; synchronicities come from navigating your own frequencies;

20:40 The importance of inner harmonic work to help your inner balance as systems fall; how that inner work can lead to synchronicities in your life

22:57 The narratives that predict suffering is not the end all be all, but rather pushes people into the fear of the Great Reset; there is a feminine way of addressing the transition; we have...

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How master-builds such as monolithic structures affect the consciousness grid and realities

lunchtimechats Jul 15, 2022

Lunchtime Chats Ep 79 Topic Highlights

♥ Master built structures, sacred ancient sites and vortexes

♥ Inverted realities made by these structures

  Signs the new paradigm is underway


4:55 Viewing monolithic structures, labyrinth from the multidimensional lens allows us to see beyond the physicality of it into its multidimensional vortex (ie. Georgian Guidelines); control systems also have their own agenda with master builds for malevolent purposes

14:32 False structures anchoring false matrices uses the same building processes but its inverted; sometimes well-intentioned master building can get hijacked; master building that’s aligned with the 6th dimension can last longer (ie. Giza pyramids and other ancient sites)

22:11 Signs of interdimensional implosion that are happening; the galactic reversal is affecting the physical structures on the planet and vice versa; many structures worldwide are being disintegrated and can no longer support the...

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The Elemental and Sasquatch Beings: The Flood Gates Open Chapter 4 

By Laurel Leaman-Konrad

Chapter 4- The Floodgates Open

When my daughter finally saw this incredible footage she decided she had to go to this portal again. So up we went and once again took many photos and video clips. (I have come to learn that if the camera is up in front of my eyes, I can see them in real time. They have flown right past my face! Without the camera I would never have known they were there, except for the very real feelings I had about it. I would encourage you to give this a try if the inclination strikes you. Simply whenever you have a feeling of their presence, hold up your camera.)

I got some wonderful footage of the previous blue fairy (Franchesca) and several others flitting about the trees. However, my daughter got the most amazing, incredible video of two very small fairies (roughly 3 inches tall... (Francesca is much bigger, roughly 1-2 ft tall) flying around and going in and out of what we call the “fairy portal”.

I call...

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The Elemental and Sasquatch Beings: And Then There Were Fairies Chapter 3

By Laurel Leaman-Konrad

Chapter 3- And Then There Were Fairies

One day about a year and a half or so ago, I went to connect with Sasquatch at my usual spot, but it was closed for repairs, so I decided to drive up the mountain and look for a hiking path. I found one that looked fairly well, but not too well travelled, parked my car and went up. It was fall and the leaves were luminous golden colours and the moss was so lush, green and beautiful that it only added to the magic of this place. This first time up I didn’t get too far as I was running out of time before the sun went down but I thought “I have to come back...there is something magical happening here.” A few months later I convinced my daughter to come with me. As we walked along, she had the same feeling; that this was a very special place. We came to a clearing where there was the most magical looking tree and I said “Look! it’s a fairy portal!” Half jokingly, and she said...

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The Elemental and Sasquatch Beings: So Then What? Chapter 2 

By Laurel Leaman-Konrad

Chapter 2- So Then What?

I had heard there was also a fellow living near me named Brian Bland (YouTube: Sasquatch BC the True Story: The Pork and Beans Show) who was very close with a Sasquatch clan. He had not been able to made it to the Chewelah conference that year and I was hoping to meet him there. He was apparently very knowledgeable about Sasquatch and had cultivated an ongoing relationship with them. Again, there was a very real push to meet him which eventually did happen after several months of trying. Interestingly, I again had to go through Christina to make that happen. Brian and his wife Susan graciously introduced me to his clan and now I am learning from this same clan leader named Arrrie. (Since then I have also cultivated a relationship with a young and very, very wise Sasquatch at a park a block from my own house. This relationship has become quite profound within a short period of time. She has agreed to teach me with the...

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The Elemental and Sasquatch Beings: And So It Begins Chapter 1 

By Laurel Leaman-Konrad

Chapter 1 - And so it Begins…. 

It all started one day when a friend sent me a video clip of a Sasquatch talking. The video clip belonged to Mike Patterson, a Sasquatch experiencer in Ontario. He was talking with his Sasquatch friend “Nephatia “(Nef-a-tee-a). (YouTube: Sasquatch Ontario). As soon as I heard Nephatia’s voice I realized this is a real being, not fictional at all! That knowing rang through my body like a bell in wave after wave of energy. Here, where I live in the Fraser Valley in BC, Canada, Sasquatch presence is everywhere. People name businesses after them, they appear on posters and on rear windows as stickers. There are cups, t-shirts, get it. The area is steeped in Sasquatch lore. The name “Sasquatch” was coined at nearby Harrison Hot Springs in the 1930’s where a First Nations tribe called the “Sts’ailes” people had a very close connection with...

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Major Planetary Alignments Are Now Activating The Birth of This Reality

As above so below, the macrocosm and microcosm are one. 

Whatever happens in the cosmos is also reflected in our biosuit. This is called the Law Of Correspondence. As we gaze into the sky on a crystal clear starry night, we are seeing a greater harmonic version of ourselves. Currently the cosmos is in a state of transition. This harmonic reflection puts humanity in a position of new beginnings, and creative manifestation. Humanity as a whole has the capacity to manifest and create a reality that has not been experienced in our human journey on our planet.

Major planetary are now activating the birth of this reality. Humans, the keepers and caretakers of the 3rd dimension, have this assignment if we choose. This can be accomplished by activating our harmonic resonance with these planetary and stellar light codes.

The goal is to accomplish this with integrity and consciousness that is in harmony with mother earth. By these endeavours, we are gifting our future by...

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