Sasquatch Initiation Group

Hosted by Laurel Leaman

The Sasquatch people are coming together and reaching out to humanity in an unprecedented way at this extremely unique juncture in our human evolution. Their goal at this time is to connect with humanity; in particular with those who are open to the unknown, and specifically with those who are energy sensitive. They are holding a frequency of ambassadorship between humans and the elemental realm and want to work with us to heal as one for the benefit of all. Together we would like to invite you to join us as we explore our connection to Sasquatch and our relationship to elementals as a vehicle for change.

The Sasquatch Initiation group (held once a month for 60 min) is for starseeds and sensitives who are having communications with our forest friends, or for those who would like to begin to have those communications. The goal of this group is to to introduce Sasquatch as ambassadors to the elemental realms, explore what that could entail, and share experiences and concerns as we progress in our connections together.

The Sasquatch people are so very pleased to be meeting with you!  

We will never sell, rent, or give away your email information.

You may receive messages or transmissions during this time! Whether your experience is in the physical or the ethers, all experiences will be given equal time and respect. You will meet others having similar experiences, and be seen and heard in a safe environment so you can cultivate and expand your awareness and relationships together. A sense of community will be encouraged, and this group will aim to cultivate and be a source of empathic understanding and awareness for one another.

Please come with an open heart and be responsible to hold a safe space.