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We empower wayshowers, healers, and new paradigm visionaries by radically advancing psychic intuitive perceptions so you can go beyond belief with your abilities and much more.

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Uplevel your psychic abilities, empower the people you work with and become unstoppable?

Hi, My name is Christina Schwind

I am the founder of the Lightbody Academy. 

It is my passion to empower and liberate humanity by awakening and accelerating the way-showers, healers, and visionaries of this world. I'm living proof that the multi-dimensional acceleration process is so! 
The Lightbody Academy projects and trainings are designed with intuitives and way-showers like you in mind.

Our trainings and projects are an EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHERS! I look forward to having the opportunity to assist in accelerating your special abilities beyond belief either through the Academy or working with you privately.

There are 3 ways to dive in!

Quantum Reality Shift: Lightbody 101 

This 6 Month introduction to Lightbody Academy's work is for you if you're ready to step up and take charge of your reality, to be more fully "in sync" with your intuition, advance your abilities beyond your previous beliefs, and dive into the unknown with trust and a sense of adventure...


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Dreamtime Healing Project

This begins as an 6 month exploration of deepening your connection to dreamtime and your inner world.  During this project experience how to deepen inner reflection skills, unlock multi-dimensional perceptions, and connect more deeply to intuitive datasets. 

These are grounded teachings for healers, starseeds, and way-showers ...

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The Acceleration Training

The Acceleration Training program is for gifted starseeds and seasoned practitioners that wish to radically accelerate their psychic intuitive empowerment and personal liberation...

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"I experienced several night terrors in the time until I saw Christina… This didn't phase Christina at all, and she told me I was in the right place. …I started doing acceleration work. I have so much more peace in my life. Feeling the love from all dimensions is overwhelming in a good way."

Lori M.
Author, Intuitive Empath

"“I highly recommend Lightbody.... I am an intuitive empath and I consider myself a starseed, healer and way-shower. Christina has expanded my perception of all of these aspect of myself in profound ways that have left me speechless and gushing with tears of gratitude…”"

Intuitive Empath Healer, Way-Shower

"Words cannot do justice to how much my life has benefited working with Christina.I have gained more of myself.Not just an idea of myself but a real, true and strong self. My confusion and anxiety have decreased.I feel lighter and more directed.I feel excited about life.Thank you Christina!”"

Kaylie R.
Instructor, Intuitive

"“Christina is amazing at what she does…with each class I expand even more. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and friend!” "

Brittany S.
Artist, Intuitive Empath, Star Seed

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