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We empower wayshowers, healers, and new paradigm visionaries by radically advancing psychic intuitive perceptions so you can go beyond belief with your abilities and much more.

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Lightbody Academy's Mission

Our mission is to empower an awakening world. We provide an experiential training ground and supportive community for wayshowers and facilitators.
By working outside of our current belief systems, we prepare those willing to claim their sovereignty to go into the unknown with a sense of adventure.

Ready to step into your multidimensionality?

Wisdom can be known but not told. We will create the space and guidance for you to discover the truths you are ready for at the moment. As that evolves, we will assist in your navigation.


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Empowering the Sacred Dreamer in breaking human domestication as to unleash one's untamed nature. We are a community of wayshowers, starseeds, and intuitives.