Planetary Encodement Activation

Hosted by Rae Ellen

Our inner magic is activated by the cosmos within...


As we observe the Cosmos above, their positions and Light Codes are simultaneously having a mirroring effect in our biosuit.

Being aware of these stellar and planetary patterns can provide us with the ability to enhance our perceptions, therefore, empowering us to rewrite the codes within us that are no longer viable. On the same note, being aware of these cosmic influences allows us to have the advantage of embracing ancient codes within. These realizations inspires us to take action and to touch our co-creative abilities.

Awareness can empower you. Planetary Encodements is a potential source and tool to wake up essential codes within that activate your multidimensionality self and open you to your part of the Aquarian collective consciousness.

The Planetary Encodement Activation utilizes esoteric astrology, the astrology of the soul, to get in touch with a multidimensional collective consciousness.

This allows you to discover tools to drive your attention deeper within, centering you in a world that often drives your attention outwards.

This activation offers encodements to yourself AND your community simultaneously.

Rae Ellen is our facilitator and tour guide through the internal and external solar systems.



Empower yourselfĀ through group consciousness in this out-of-this-world activation.

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