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Empower Yourself Beyond Belief Through Dreamtime


Become Unstoppable Creator of Your Life

 Unleash Your Intuitive Super Powers 

 Have Liberation and Freedom Beyond Belief

Empower the People You Work With 

Are you ready to step up and live more true to your soul's purpose?


The 6 Month Dreamtime Healing Project will give You the tools you need to:

  • Hear the voice of your spirit
  • Utilize dreamtime for personal healing and guidance
  • Bring forward spiritual gifts through dreamtime to the here and now.
  • and Embrace Your Soul’s Purpose 

Next session starts the first of next month!

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The Dreamtime Healing Project is for you if any of this sounds like you: 


You have been on a spiritual journey for quite some time, you are stuck feeling unsure of your role in helping humanity

 You are ready for the a quantum leap in your spiritual evolution

✔ You can sense your limitations when faced with uncertainty and don’t know where to turn. 

You might be wondering:

Why is Dreamtime Important In Living My Soul’s Purpose?

In reality, connecting with the language of dreams is connecting with the language of your soul.  This is KEY to living your soul purpose.

It is important to unwind your intuitive blind spots because it is YOUR SPIRIT GUIDING YOU and showing you your authentic nature AND what’s blocking you from showing up for yourself.

In the Dreamtime Healing Project, you will learn how to go beyond those blind spots and connect with your inner-knowing more deeply with ease. 

The 6 month Dreamtime Healing Project  Will Give You Exactly The Tools You Need To Hear The Voice Of Your Spirit, Bring Forward Spiritual Gifts, and Embrace Your Soul’s Purpose 


Next session starts the first of next month!

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Phase 1: Get comfortable being seen in your gifts 


Peel off the blocks to your visibility. Learn to share your gifts unreservedly, step past inhibitions 


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Phase 2: Deepen your connection to your inner knowing

We use the dreamtime bridge to deepen your awareness of the voice of your spirit and step past the limitations of the mind.


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Phase 3: Sharpen your ability to operate in the dreamscapes

The mind is the last one to know when an inner shift has occurred. Learn to be with the energy of the moment and let it guide you where it needs to take you.

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Phase 4: Build a fully active and engaged dreamtime bridge 

Learn to pull your spiritual gifts into your here and now and use it to facilitate living your soul’s purpose every day.

Here's  What’s Included: 


Experiential learning through Dream Clinics

  • We learn to use the vehicle of dreamtime to facilitate deeper awareness of our inner realities.
  • Practice being seen while in connection with your souls voice.
  • Connect with a small group of dreamers on a similar journey.
  • Explore dreamtime healing and transmissions received through dreamtime.
  • Practice using levels of awareness that are beyond the mind.

Lightbody Activations

  • Lightbody Activations further open up your psychic eye, inner knowing
  • Cultivate stronger relationship with your inter-dimensional entourage.
  • Activate lightbody templates that allows for personal expansion.
  • We apply powerful acceleration tools that facilitate rooting our awareness deeper into our core essence. 

Foundations Clinic

  • Practice foundation energy techniques of moving and dissolving energy
  • Cultivate stronger awareness of your personal energy field 
  • Put into practice basic remote energy tracking techniques 

The Dreamtime Healing Project is a community

Your like-minded tribe: join a private online community forum of souls that are on the same journey and be supported through the process

Open Q&A 

  • ‘Beyond the Looking Glass’ is a secret online community that serves as a forum for Q & A as well as connecting with others in the program.
  • Additional content is also shared within this group that is specific to the Dreamtime Healing Project.

Additional Content

  • Archived Q&A
  • Quantum Reality Shift content Vault

Time Commitment per month

  • One LIVE group activation (75 min)
  • One Live Foundations Clinic (90 Minutes)
  • One LIVE Lightbody 101 Clinic (90-120 minutes)
  • Three Group Dream Clinics
  • There is dozens of hours of video content to consume at your own pace
  • Bonus sessions and content (optional)

Are you ready to fully live your soul's purpose?


The Dreamtime Healing Project will give You the tools you need to:

Hear The Voice Of Your Spirit

✔  Activate and Advance Healing Spiritual Gifts

✔ and Live Your Soul’s Purpose 

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Lori M

I experienced several night terrors in the time until I saw Christina… This didn't phase Christina at all, and she told me I was in the right place. …I started doing acceleration work. I have so much more peace in my life.  Feeling the love from all dimensions is overwhelming in a good way.

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Erin K

“I highly recommend Lightbody.... I am an intuitive empath and I consider myself a starseed, healer and way-shower. Christina has expanded my perception of all of these aspect of myself in profound ways that have left me speechless and gushing with tears of gratitude…”

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About The Facilitator


Christina Schwind is a potent tracker and spiritual accelerator with rare mastery of energy medicine. Her style is extremely effective in releasing shock, trauma, stuck emotional energy, and other sources of chronic pain, stress & anxiety from the body.

In the beginning of her practice, Christina integrated her clinical and intuitive training to treat chronic pain with orthopedic body work and energy medicine.

The latest installment of her work is offering Multidimensional Acceleration programs for healers, empaths, and the psychically sensitive to accelerate and enhance their skill-sets and abilities to move more freely in the world.

Her energy medicine training began as a young adult with indigenous elders mastering the multidimensional activation process, tracking energies, and working with beings of the unseen worlds. Today, she enjoys empowering and awakening others to their multidimensional awareness of their true nature.

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Make this the year you step up to your personal power and intuitive gifts 

Join me in the Dreamtime Healing Project

Spots are extremely limited

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Brittney S

Christina is amazing at what she does…with each class I expand even more. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and friend!”

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Kaylie R

Words cannot do justice to how much my life has benefited working with Christina.I have gained more of myself.Not just an idea of myself but a real, true and strong self. My confusion and anxiety have decreased.I feel lighter and more directed.I feel excited about life.Thank you Christina!”

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