Group Energy Clearing

Hosted by Stacy Hernandez

Are you wanting to clear out blocks that are holding you back from living the life you want?

Are you ready to deepen your level of awareness and liberation?


The intention of Group Energy Clearing sessions is to dive into the energies impacting our collective as we come into deeper spiritual alignment. We will clear out blindspots and bring us one step closer to our liberation.

During this time of collective frequency changes and upgrades, there will be an ebb and flow of emotions that come with it. From grief to contentment to happiness, the intensity and cycles can switch unexpectedly. Learn what multidimensional factors are involved so you can move forward with authenticity and self awareness. 

This is key to transforming alongside of our planet Earth. It's time to take a peak at who you really are! 

Our Group Energy Clearing is a time to slow down and be in meditation to reconnect within.  

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Join Stacy Hernandez, a Multidimensional Energy Tracker, Intuitive, Spiritual Mentor & Facilitator who works 1:1 with clients and teaches energy tracking at Lightbody Academy.  

She clears out spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and energetic blocks, ancestral lineages, past lives, dark forces, and more; performs Death Rites for loved ones; and provides mindset and mentoring support to assist in self discovery and inner freedom.