Private Consultations

Are you looking for a one-on-one consultation to get personalized insights of your journey beyond space and time?

For many, receiving additional, objective points of view can lead to breakthroughs in one's inner journey. It can also provide confirmation that you are on the right track or whether there is something you need further healing from. Often, receiving guidance from a multi-dimensional can mean the difference between staying in stagnant energy and blasting through limiting beliefs to who you are meant to be. 

In addition to providing an additional perspective, your practitioner will also clear the energy holding blind spots in place.


We recommend staying open-minded to the results as no consultation is identical to one another. Our facilitators are guided accordingly based on your specific energy blueprint.  

Session are done over zoom.  Recordings are available upon request.  Each session may range between 45 minutes and 75 minutes depending upon how the releasing process goes.


Many may experience an unravelling of their false identities which may sometimes feel uncomfortable.  Post emotional purging is not uncommon.  

Some may feel super charged with energy the days following, other may experience the opposite.  It all depends on how your system processes changes.

Each session is followed up with an email that provides suggestions for post session personal care.


It depends on a variety of factors including: your level of resistance, your openness to the unknown, how deep the root cause goes, how long you have or not have been doing inner work etc. 

Most often people feel a change immediately.  We recommend to allowing a four week integration time between sessions.


Lightbody Academy facilitators available for consultations:

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