Lightbody Essentials:

Core Curriculum

‚úĒ Learn¬†keys to developing a strong energy field of protection and vitality

‚úĒ Learn the secrets to developing and advancing psychic intuitive perceptions

‚úĒ¬†Experience the power of working with group resonance

‚úĒ Master the practices of maintaining a clear¬† energy field

‚úĒ Deepen your sense of spiritual interconnectedness

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Are you ready to step up and live more harmoniously with your soul's truth? more fully "in sync" with your intuition, trusting yourself,  have full access to your spiritual gifts, and be confident in your purpose?

Lightbody Essentials was uniquely crafted for those who:

  • Have hit a Spiritual growth plateau
  • Are integrating contact experiences
  • Experience conditional access to their inner voice¬† (or trust)¬†
  • Have confusion about their experiences (why happenings, where they are)
  • Are experiencing¬†a cycle of learning through aversions
  • Have discovered things that used to work aren‚Äôt working any more. You need a new level of work.¬†
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Time Commitment for this program: 

We know you're busy, so we created a course that can accommodate most schedules. 
With only a few hands-on hours a month, all of which are recorded for replay or watch later, we made this Reality Shift one that fits into your current reality.

*Minimum 6 month commitment

 Monthly Sessions:

~  Energy Mastery Clinic - 1.5 hour session, 1st Sunday each month  

~ Quantum Activation - 1.5 hr session, 2nd Saturday each month

~ Energy Tracking Clinic - 1.5 hr session, 3rd Monday each month (unless otherwise noted)

~ Bonus Sessions - Planetary Encodement, Sasquatch Initiation Group, Group Energy Clearing (view events calendar for schedules) 


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