Stacy Hernandez



Stacy is a Multidimensional Intuitive,  New Paradigm Spiritual Coach, and a Facilitator at Lightbody Academy. She works one-on-one and in group-based sessions.

Stacy walks in many worlds and often calls in her Indigenous ancestors to bring connection and healing to all the work that she does.

She is on a personal mission of expanding into the deepest levels of authenticity and connection, which is her path to inner freedom. She has a passion for supporting others on their path of self-discovery and spiritual awareness.

Stacy works at multidimensional levels to support the healing of ancestral and spiritual lineages, past lives, shadow work, limiting beliefs, old wounding, lifestreams.

She is often called to communicate with ancestors, light beings, guides, the elementals, exospecies, planetary resonance, and more to provide downloads and key information to support personal healing and liberation. 

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