Rae Ellen Sievert

I was born July 22nd, 1950. I was born of Starseed and Human origin. I came as a wayshower to our precious planet, Pachamama, to participate and witness humanity's Birth and Awakening, to Re-member their Greater Purpose. I had to gradually awaken to this mission. I was five years old when I realized the world wasn't as it appeared to be and fitting in with the world around me didn't work. So my journey began. It led me to knowing that there was life off planet, that we never die, rather we just change form.

My study of astrology was gradually reintroduced. From there I learned self-hypnosis, to heal myself, rebirthing (a breathing technique in the late 70s and early 80s to release trauma from our bio suit), joined a metaphysical organization for 20 years (Alice Bailey based) visited sacred sites worldwide and went to India to learn the sacred breaths of self-realization. I didn't know that this was my mission but as our human family is waking up to their potential mastery and place in this multi-verse, my goal is to be a way-shower to remember who we really are and can be.

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Astrological or Starseed Origin Session

Astrological session: In this session, using given birth data, I use various astrological techniques to give insight to patterns that activate our biosuit. Having this insight can potentially give us tools to our Soul’s purpose and Life’s journey

Starseed Origin session: In this session, we will explore astrological markers in your birth chart to calculate potential connections to constellations and star systems. This session may activate deep realizations, giving us insight to our Soul’s destiny and Sojourn in the dreams of Pachamama.





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