Laurel is a practitioner and facilitator at Lightbody Academy. In the early 2000’s, while doing  scientific research on Crop Circles for BLT Research, crop circles began to appear in her own backyard. This started a journey of discovering the mystical on many levels. After spending eighteen years as a teacher and practitioner of an Eastern tradition, she began to have even closer interactions with various inter-dimensional and elemental beings. These interactions led her directly to mentor Christina Schwind and Lightbody Academy where she continues to cultivate these extraordinary relationships today.

In your session with Laurel, you will explore your connections and/or history with the Fae realm and its varied beings including Sasquatch (who travel both the Fae and human realms). This session runs up to 60 minutes and may include energetic clearing. 

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Sarah Skye

"I have had several one on one sessions with Laurel and each time I feel transformed on a multitude of levels. Laurel's clarity, incredible gifts, insights and gentle nature created a sense of safety and allowed me to receive deep healing and transformation. If your path has led you to Laurel you are truly blessed! "


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