The Elemental and Sasquatch Beings: And So It Begins Chapter 1 

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The Elemental and Sasquatch Beings

By Laurel Leaman

Chapter 1 - And so it Begins…. 

It all started one day when a friend sent me a video clip of a Sasquatch talking. The video clip belonged to Mike Patterson, a Sasquatch experiencer in Ontario. He was talking with his Sasquatch friend “Nephatia “(Nef-a-tee-a). (YouTube: Sasquatch Ontario). As soon as I heard Nephatia’s voice I realized this is a real being, not fictional at all! That knowing rang through my body like a bell in wave after wave of energy. Here, where I live in the Fraser Valley in BC, Canada, Sasquatch presence is everywhere. People name businesses after them, they appear on posters and on rear windows as stickers. There are cups, t-shirts, get it. The area is steeped in Sasquatch lore. The name “Sasquatch” was coined at nearby Harrison Hot Springs in the 1930’s where a First Nations tribe called the “Sts’ailes” people had a very close connection with Sasquatch (Sa:sq’ets- meaning “wild or hairy man”).

This area of the Lower Mainland and the islands off the coast of Vancouver are teeming with Sasquatch. They are literally everywhere. I have cultivated relationships with several clans here and on the offshore islands. The first encounter I had was at a wetlands that grazed the outskirts of the city I live in. Today I also connect with a clan in an urban park a block from me. You can find signs of them throughout the parks and greenbelts in the cities and near bodies of water...the same may apply where you live! I also have a connection with them at a wilderness park right in the city of you DON’T have to go to the mountains to meet them! When I first heard Nephatia’s voice I thought “I have to get into the mountains!!”, and for several days I wondered how this could happen. It felt like I would never get out there, but the drive to meet them had begun and wouldn’t be denied. I knew there was something to this and I had to find out what. Funny thing is, I had never been interested in them before. I believed they were real-but that’s about where my interest ended. I was about to find out there was so much more....

I had been listening to and reading everything I could get my hands on concerning Sasquatch at this point. There is a lot written and on YouTube regarding encounters with them-both physical and ethereal-and showing the structures they make.

One day I was walking the wetlands where I had been going regularly for roughly 20 years, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Saquatch structure.

I could barely believe my eyes! How could this be?!?! I started looking around and found several other small structures scattered around the park. I was so excited about this! I didn’t have to go to the mountains! The truth is, If you are open and willing, Sasquatch will come to you.

This began several months of physical gift exchanges. They left an image on my camera.

They left roughly 1/4 mile of tracks. 18 inch, 15 inch and 9 inch tracks, in gravel mind you, and in my minds eye I saw a little one on the largest one’s shoulders. They seemed to be making sure I knew it was them.

This larger one I would come to know as “Kahelah”. Kahelah is a young adult male who collects young orphaned Sasquatch and teaches them how to survive and how to use their psychic abilities. He will introduce them to “safe” humans and teach them how to fade in and out of this reality etc, things young Sasquatch need to know to be safe. When/if the human is ready, he passes the human along to another Sasquatch that takes their learning to the next level. While I was working with them, they left stick glyphs in my yard, a leaf under the seat on my computer stool in my house (there was also a sticky yellow substance which you can see in two spots to the right of the leaf.

This substance was also found in my freshly washed hair after the discovery of the leaf. I suspect it was the young ones with sticky fingers! To me this means the leaf was placed and my hair touched as I was still sitting there at the computer!). There were feathers left outside a sliding glass door at our family’s place in Palm Springs. I’m not sure at that time if I quite fully understood their capabilities of teleportation, but I had been explaining to them that I would be away for 10 days but I would be coming back soon. I felt these feathers were telling me that they can be where I am at any time so don’t sweat it!. I have been given many gifts at various locations to let me know they were around and that they trusted me or they had a message. I really treasure and appreciate the meaning in those gifts.

The magical realms were beginning to open up. It turns out that Sasquatch are multi-dimensional beings who can be anywhere at anytime, and they have a lot they want humans to know and understand about our struggling environment. Why? Because everything we do here affects the elemental realms. For better or for worse.

This was all well and good, and I loved the interactions and the mystery, but what was the purpose? Where was this going? I had to know more, so decided to go to the Sasquatch Conference in Chewelah, Washington where I knew I would meet others having similar encounters. Perhaps I would get some answers.

In preparation for this trip I had to get all new camping gear and a new car and I thought “How is all of this going to happen in time?” Well, it just seemed to happen! In the meantime I was watching videos from the previous year at the Chewelah gathering. This is where I first saw Christina Schwind. All the bells and whistles went off and I knew I had to meet her, so I booked a couple of private sessions with her before I left for the conference. To my great surprise and delight it turned out she was speaking at the conference again the very year I was going. My in person encounter with her was life-changing. Everything she said was speaking to a heart that longed to be with the Sasquatch and learn from them and to know everything there was to know about the magical realm they lived in and out of.

And so it was that the Sasquatch brought Christina and myself together, and I have been with Lightbody Academy ever since.

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