Accessing Past Lives

Mar 21, 2024

Exploring the idea that our current experiences are echoes of past lives can be an intriguing journey into self-discovery. The concept the experiences we have now or the intense emotions we feel have been played out before in different contexts can be a profound realization. By recognizing this, we start to peel away the veil of everyday mundanity that can sometimes cloud our daily lives. Our emotions and reactions begin to resonate with a deeper familiarity. This is the essence of what the Dreamtime Healing Project has uncovered: the waking world is still a dream, similar to the intricate energies and narratives as the one we experience in sleep. Our reality has countless overlapping timelines, and with this understanding, we see that even the most trivial events are connected to a larger, unseen energy.

To enhance our ability to recall past lifetimes, we must focus on cultivating a strong energy field through cleanliness in our actions and integrity in our behavior. Practices like breathwork and ancestral healing can open the gates to our DNA's history, unlocking memories and wisdom deeply embedded within us. By engaging with the energy of our dreams and meditating on even the faintest remnants of them, we can train our minds to navigate different states of consciousness simultaneously, connecting with ancestors and other realms, thus broadening the scope of our spiritual awareness and recollection.


Lunchtime Chats full episode 165


4:45 reference to comment on the dragon consciousness video; how to see past lives, souls origin; accessing psychic abilities; reference to Truman show; reality is not what we think it is; ways to wake up intuitive abilities

13:35 dream tracking and using your senses beyond linear; reference to a dream tracking clinic and what is observed

17:33 nesting dolls of reality; thousands of nesting dolls with a dimension; reference to checker board reality and how it influences us here and now; reference to Atlantian checker board; overlays in the nesting dolls; checker board and polarity & the agreements as we descent to our biosuit; choosing light/dark and forgetting who we are

27:45 shutdown of DNA dance is a result of the checker board grid, constructs within the akasha and 4D collective fields- it reduces our consciousness as we descend

29:10 how activated our consciousness depends on how we transcend enslavement agreements; reference to Dune series and the idea of progression of consciousness; your ‘feeling body’ is what will help you transcend and gives you data sets on past life connections; the set up of your here and now is not a new experience, its a repeat

34:30 technology interference and loops; our decision making and loops; you can transcend these loops by being beyond the checker board reality; here and now is where we can change it all; we can make different decisions and perspectives; presence is a way to transcend

37:18 how can we start recalling past lives; the waking dream is still a dream; reference to gridwork and unseen energies; navigating the mundane-ness; importance of building a strong energy field and shifting your frequency; prioritize connecting with the energy of your dreams

47:20 exercises to cultivate a flexible mind; reference of Christina’s experience; reference to learning the Chinese language; we are fully connected to past lives and our psychic abilities but our reality framework hinders our perception

52:01 ancestral work and ancestral altars; reference to the movie ‘Coco’ 

57:08 undoing the cosmic reality of the predator/prey; reference Annunaki and gene interference; Christina’s account of a memory of being another being

1:02:00 everyone has a perspective to the bigger picture and the importance of sharing with others to have more of a complete picture; 1 perspective doesn’t make others wrong


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