Awakening to Our True Desires

Jun 27, 2024

Table of Contents

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  • Summary
  • Self-reflection questions
  • Show notes with timestamps


Let's reiterate past lunchtime chats that women possess sacred stargates in their wombs, and portals that have the ability to birth new souls into the world from across the cosmos. We also must honor the role of men as providers of stable, consistent support as women journey through their cyclical hormonal journeys, aka interdimensional processes. It is important to remember the intrinsic value of both expressions and that we are all innately encoded to contribute positively to life, and living authentically from this core truth.

Also remember, by opening to our heart's purest callings, old hierarchies can dissolve, leading to a unified way that uplifts everyone. Often, societal narratives aim to trivialize profound spiritual realizations that could catalyze transformation. We are encouraged to courageously live by our heartfelt desires, surrounding ourselves with those who inspire growth.

True fulfillment arises when we align our actions with our deepest intentions. Though the path is not always easy, synchronicities unfold when we commit to what genuinely matters to our souls. Remember that we, as divine beings, create this reality, our unique callings that ultimately benefit all life. By staying true to ourselves despite challenges, we light the way for a new dawn of consciousness on Earth.


Self-reflection questions

  • What are my heart's deepest desires and callings? Am I taking action to align my life with fulfilling them?
  • Who in my social circles truly inspires me to grow and become my highest self? How can I surround myself more with those individuals?
  • What old narratives, programs or belief systems might I be holding onto that no longer serve my awakening and empowerment? How can I release them?
  • Where in my life am I not fully owning and expressing my authentic truth? What fears or doubts prevent me from doing so?
    How can I develop more trust in the intelligence of synchronicity unfolding in my life's journey? What helps me surrender to the flow?



3:47 answer to question ‘do men have sacred stargate (womb space) to the divine like women’; reference to gender and race narratives; men’s connection to source is different; everything has its place, contributing; men and women’s benefit in each other’s presence; reference to hormones and the synergistic dynamic with male/female; parenthood and its role; reference to ovum allowing fertilization

24:58 reference to women choosing not to bear children and choosing their true desires; empty nesters and the choice to live differently; reflect on how many inspire you out of your social circle; reference to a quote about if there’s no one in your circle that inspires you, you are building a cage for yourself

30:30 collective waking up fast; importance of creating what you want, surrounding yourself with inspiration; we can set an example of living authentically; growing pains of the transition; consequence of a cosmic reset- invisible nesting dolls are shifting in a way that it can no longer support the inversions and distortions

38:13 reference to Julian Assange case

43:14 importance of standing for our truth and authentic nature as a service to humanity; lining up for your true desires; internal conflict exists when we’re not living our truth

50:07 unseen agreements that people play a role for the bigger picture

53:08 Christina’s account of a friend’s tribulations and synchronicities in intentions; keep going for what you want- you are creators

59:53 reference to a saying- what is you desire is already yours; the trivialization of deep spiritual thoughts




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