Dreaming the World into Being - An Eclipse Invitation

Apr 04, 2024

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With the recent eclipse, there has been a lot of hype and drama circulating on social media. However, astrological events like eclipses don't manifest instantaneous change - they are more about planting seeds of energy for the future. This eclipse can be viewed as an opportunity to plant seeds for our own awakening and empowerment.


Navigating Narratives
Recognizing Incepted Narratives (0:00 - 3:12)
Many narratives circulating online are incepted - designed to create drama, emotional charge and get people playing certain roles.

Avoiding Drama Obsession (3:12 - 6:45)
It's important to recognize when we are getting sucked into narratives that don't align with our truth, and refocus our energy on what we want to create instead.


The Real Agenda Behind Recent Events
COVID as Catalyst for Inner Conflict (6:45 - 11:40)
Recent events like the COVID situation were likely intended to create inner conflicts and divisions within humanity.

Betraying Values Allows Control (11:40 - 17:50)
By coercing people to betray their values or make choices against themselves, it inflated an energetic grid that allowed for further control agendas to manifest externally. However, we may have agreed to experience this collectively to crack open our limitations.

The Consciousness Link

Live Blood Analysis Insights (17:50 - 23:10)
Drawing from experiences with live blood analysis, there is a theory that our inner state of consciousness influences how foreign materials like graphene oxide, hydrogels and COVID crystals manifest in our bodies.

Importance of Energy Field (23:10 - 28:30)
While detox protocols are being developed, strengthening our energy fields is key.


We Are Infinite Dreamers
Transcending Limitations (28:30 - 35:00)
We are infinite, multidimensional beings dreaming this world into existence - and have the power to dream it as we desire, treating it as the magical wonderland it's meant to be.

Medicine Man's Abilities (35:00 - 41:45)
An inspiring story is shared about an Amazonian medicine man transcending perceived limitations to deliver a message, showcasing the abilities of undomesticated humans.


The Eclipse Inception Agenda
Historical Hijackings (41:45 - 44:15)
Eclipses have historically been used for energetic inceptions and hijacking of the sacred feminine.

Current Artificial Attempts (44:15 - 47:48)
The current narratives and dramas are likely artificial attempts to do this since the needed cosmic alignments aren't available. However, the level of awakening already present on Earth means these efforts are unlikely to fully succeed.


Our Collective Dream Overrides
Unstoppable Awakening (47:48 - 50:20)
Our collective awakening has reached a critical mass that cannot be stopped, no matter what machinations occur on lower levels of reality's "nested dolls".

Leaning Into Our Truth (50:20 - 52:50)
The invitation is to lean into our personal truth and purposes, connect with likeminded community, and focus on dreaming the world we truly want into existence.


Self-Reflection Questions

  What narratives or dramas am I getting unconsciously pulled into that don't align with my truth?

  Where in my life am I making choices that betray my core values and beliefs?

  How can I strengthen my energy field and inner state of consciousness?

  What does dreaming this world into being as a "magical wonderland" look like for me?

  How can I lean more into my personal truth and authentic self-expression?

  What likeminded community can I connect with to support manifesting my vision?




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