Embracing the Mystical and Interdimensional

exo-species liberation May 02, 2024


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  • Self-reflection questions
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We live in a multidimensional universe filled with mystical beings and realms that may seem fantastical from our limited human perspective. However, as we peel away the blind spots and layers of conditioning, we can awaken to our interconnectedness with the vast web of consciousness all around us. From communicating with elemental and nature spirits to interacting with interdimensional fae like gnomes, fairies and even Sasquatch, these relationships help us remember our true multidimensional heritage.

One of the keys is cultivating authenticity and transparency within yourself and your community. When you surround yourself with others committed to truth and embodying their authentic sovereign beingness, it creates a vibrational resonance that allows you to sense and embrace the subtleties. Synchronicities increase as you live from this space of integrity. The universe can then guide you towards opportunities and experiences that expand your awareness into higher coherence with the mystical. Though it may seem outlandish to the rational mind, opening to these mystical realms is our natural birthright as multidimensional humans.


Self-reflection questions

1. What beliefs or assumptions might be blinding me from seeing the mystical and interdimensional all around me? What blind spots am I ready to dissolve?

2. How can I cultivate more authenticity and transparency within myself? What fears or insecurities cause me to hide my true self?

3. Who in my life helps me embrace my sovereignty and embody my authentic truth? How can I deepen those connections?

4. When was the last time I experienced a profound synchronicity? What was I feeling/embodying that allowed that to occur?

5. What outlandish or "fantastical" experiences have I had that hint at higher mystical realms and dimensions? How can I open myself further to these experiences?

6. If I could remove all limitations, what mystical abilities or connections would I dream of having? How can I start embodying that dream now?

7. What lies, deceptions or limiting beliefs am I still holding onto from the mainstream narrative about what is "real"? How can I realign with my inner truth compass?


Show notes:

5:40 Exo-species a part of the awakening of humanity; what are exo-species and mystical beings, mountain and nature spirits

9:59 peeling away blindspots; communication and experiences with others who have other mystical experiences; importance of being in community to others who are committed to truth- it helps us cultivate our own character and traits; reference to Sasquatch and how they support us

15:40 how we can feel stress from the daily grind of dealing with others; we are interconnected with nature, elemental beings, cosmic beings etc; it’s possible we can dream into being whatever we want; Christina’s experience with her work history; what is really important for you to do and the circumstances will show up for it; the Universe is constantly communicating to us; art of divination; opportunities that come are opportunities of self discovery

23:09 unwinding blindspots; when we go deeper and unravel ourselves, blindspots get lifted, serendipity happens; there are opportunities that we always wanted; we have to match the frequencies of what we want; Fae realm shows us we can receive what we want; we are much more powerful than we think

28:20 Fae beings desire to give us proof of their existence; Christina’s experience of Sasquatch; about the Faery accord

32:29 about the Sasquatch meet and the sacredness of the place

34:15 answering a question; nothing is a waste of time; explore opportunities

35:33 about how media reverses the truth in tv programming, etc; reference to the show ‘Lost Girl’ and ‘Stargate 1’

40:11 How is it possible to have an enslaved soul; more about non-corporeal beings; what are the narratives around soul enslavement; reference to Alpha Centauri being an enslaved soul group; reference to certain Pleiadian groups and the story of the seven sisters; enslavement on Earth is different- it’s more a 4th dimension, inception of collective fields with limited options

50:00 in Pachama the enslavement processes is about the enslavement fields; importance of reclaiming the soul journey process (birthing, dying, etc); retaining memories between lifetimes; reference to immortal master Almine; reference to China and reclamation process; Mayans have their version of a reclamation process

55:55 enslavement on Earth is less in the akashic field; importance of connecting with elemental beings- they teach you how to get out of the collective fields and dissolving it; some other species incarnate in human bodies and that can play into the akashic field enslavement; having an earthly biosuit provides us an advantage with liberation

1:00:00 more about the Akasha and how it impacts us

1:01:47 living in authenticity sharpens your discernment


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