Embracing the Power of the Feminine Force

May 23, 2024

Table of Contents

As women transition into their later years and experience menopause, they amplify their journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Contrary to societal misconceptions, this phase is not a diminishment of their sacred femininity but rather a gateway to embracing their true power. The energies once dedicated to reproductive cycles are now repurposed towards fueling their passions, purpose, and authenticity, aligning their physical and energetic bodies with their deepest intentions. The wisdom and depth that older women possess are invaluable gifts to be cherished, rather than dismissed. As they transition into their "croning years," their relationships with the masculine and the world around them shift profoundly, allowing them to embody their authenticity without the distractions of youthful insecurities.

This transformative process is not without its challenges, as women must navigate the layers of disempowerment and oppression that have historically targeted the feminine force. However, by reclaiming their connection to dreamtime – the realm of manifestation – and shedding the constraints of patriarchal programming, they can unravel their full potential as multidimensional beings. By embracing this sacred journey, women reclaim their sovereignty and redefine what it means to be a powerful, radiant force in the world.

In fact, we as a whole, regardless of gender, we can have an unstoppable impact in dismantling incepted consciousness grids that perpetuate fear, lack, and unworthiness. This is through collective grid work, where groups gather at significant energy sites or vortexes to activate and realign the morphic fields. Even a small group can unravel centuries of distorted programming encoded into these grids, paving the way for higher consciousness to anchor on the planet.

Self-reflection questions

1. How can you more fully embrace and honor the wisdom that comes with aging as a woman? What societal programming or beliefs might you need to release?

2. In what ways are you feeling called to step more into your authenticity and passion as you mature? What is holding you back?

3. How might connecting more deeply to your dreamtime and intuitive abilities help you reclaim your personal power?

4. What does being a "powerful, radiant force" in the world look like for you? How can you start embodying that more fully?

5. Where do you feel oppression or disempowerment of the feminine force playing out, either in your personal life or in society at large? How can you be part of the solution?

6. Reflect on any elderly women who have been wise role models in embracing their "croning years" with grace. What can you learn from them?

7. What does living as a "sovereign multidimensional being" mean to you? How can you lean into that more in your daily life?


Show Notes: 
4:14 Reference to a question asking about a concept; what is true what is not; reference to infinite; reference to a video by Max Egen called Our True History Has Been Stolen
8:30 continuing the answer to the question why women are more inclined to spirituality than men; reference to menopause and sacredness; feminine force more than the ability to have children; Christina’s experience with older women and authenticity & personal power; womens’ journey towards self-discovery; reference to hormonal connection to life force & reclaiming inner power- endocrine glands being stargates; repurposing hormones to passion & purpose; reference to dreamtime; women step into the most powerful time in their lives in their later years when they have the bandwidth to focus; women in their menopausal journey; the mixed signals women get from society
26:18 relationship to each other and the masculine, changes as we age
30:18 realization about consciousness grids; what it is; reference to consciousness grids in Middle East; incepted consciousness grids and how; what is gridwork; dismantling inception hubs; impacting the grids; Christina’s account of gridwork in-person; places of vortexes; the importance of walking on purpose, life purpose
47:28 questioning everything you thought about life and reality; life isn’t what we think it is; navigating 4D consciousness grid; navigating polarities
49:37 About Lightbody wellness assessment sessions - Rife technology and blood analysis




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