Lightbody, Advanced Souls, Walk-ins and Multidimensional Awakening

Jun 06, 2024

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  • Self-reflection questions
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How can we even grasp the nature of our infinite consciousness? How can we relate to the challenges we face in waking up from the control systems on this planet?

While it can feel overwhelming to comprehend all the layers of toxicity, manipulation and infiltration humanity is subjected to, remember this is only because our consciousness is infinite. No matter what obstacles are put in our way, we have the capacity to wake up beyond them. The more we awaken, the more layers of illusion need to be added to try to keep us asleep.

However, this very crisis and chaos is a gift, allowing what is inauthentic to crumble away. We all feel in our souls that a shift is coming, beyond beliefs and mind constructs. The details of when and how is yet to formulated but we don't need to wait until then to chip away at our falsehood.

Our imagination and clear intent are key tools for manifesting the new reality, as energy follows our focused intention, whether we consciously perceive it or not. Believe it not, the younger generations cultivating these skills through video games and imagery are not as lost as they may seem.

Ultimately, we are all expressions of the infinite Cosmic Mother. Trusting our divine nature and infinite consciousness within, we have the power to transcend this reality, once we are aware of it. The time is ripe to reclaim our sovereignty on all levels through practices like those offered in Lightbody Essentials.


Self-reflection questions

  • In what areas of your life do you feel most overwhelmed or burdened by layers of toxicity, manipulation or illusion? How can you call on your infinite consciousness to awaken beyond these obstacles?
  • Think of a crisis or chaotic transition you are currently experiencing or have recently gone through. How can you reframe this as a gift stripping away what is inauthentic and allowing you to create anew?
  • When do you feel a deep, soulful sense that a profound shift is coming, beyond your mental beliefs or expectations about it? Sit with and describe what that feels like.
  • What practices can you use to cultivate clear, focused intent and an active imagination? How might developing these allow you to more effectively manifest and shape reality?
  • In what ways do you already experience your divine, infinite nature? How can you more fully embrace and trust this aspect of yourself during this time of transition?
  • If you could let go of all conceptions about how the "awakening" or "shift" will look, and just allow your infinite consciousness to guide you, what intuitive images, feelings or impulses arise?



5:40 Reference to Christina’s conversation with healer and a Qigong technique; reference to immortal masters; it’s a time of upgrade; highly evolved souls being incarnated

13:35 Answering a question about lightbody and certain traditions/practices; what makes a highly advanced soul; aspects of the lightbody; our bodies are hyper dimensional biosuits- our capacities increase as we wake up; spiritual traditions focus on certain lightbody constructs; reference to Toltec tradition and the Dao tradition

23:15 Addressing a comment on opening up a wisdom within versions of you and how this shifts perspectives; reference to ‘walk-ins’ and what it is and the kinds of walk-ins; Christina’s account of her walk-in experience

34:17 Answering a question about newborns being born and their soul purpose in reference to innocence; Cosmic Mother and divinity and reference to technical intelligence

37:52 reference to a conversation about control systems; reference to an area of Denver and ‘dark lords’; reference to the conversation and the difficulty of waking up for some; what is consciousness being infinite- we have the capacity to wake up beyond layers; keeping the illusions intact keeps us from waking up past layers

44:30 the importance of engaging your internal world; reference to a podcast and Billy Carson; electromagnetic and nesting dolls; our internal structures following certain rules of reality; those that are open to change and embrace multidimensionality will make the change in the upcoming transition

54:48 psychic intuitive abilities coming online;  reference to gamers’ mind and creation; younger generations are not as lost as we may think

1:01:34 learning about energy work, energy tracking and imagination; images allow you to focus on intent





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