Moving From Mind to Heartspace

May 16, 2024

Table of Contents

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  • Summary
  • Self-reflection questions
  • Show notes with timestamps


This episode of Lunchtime Chats addresses questions around the topic of being 'stuck in your head', how to get into heart from the mind and why women more than men are into the energetic arts. In summary, this episode discusses the importance of getting out of our minds and into our feelings on a more permanent basis. It explains that being stuck in our heads is often a habit and protective mechanism that can be counteracted by practices like energy work and meditation.

Speaking of energy work, why are more women than men into the field of energetics? Women are often more drawn to spiritual and energetic arts because they literally hold a mystical gateway through their ability to bring new souls into the world via the wombspace. This is seen as women being poised by the sacred feminine force itself to be nurturers and life-givers. It contrasts the masculine spiritual traditions of having to prove oneself worthy through tests and initiations with the feminine way of being gifted with exactly what is needed to face life's challenges and succeed.

In fact, the transition from humans being Homo sapiens to the awakened, multidimensional Homo luminous is something offered as a gift from Mother Earth herself to anyone willing to choose that path.


Self-reflection questions

  1. To what extent do I find myself stuck in my head and disconnected from my feelings? What habits or patterns contribute to this tendency?

  2. How can I more fully embrace and nurture the sacred feminine energy within myself, whether I identify as a woman or not? What does honoring the divine feminine look like for me?

  3. In what ways might I be overly attached to having to prove my worthiness through tests or challenges? How can I open myself to receiving the gifts I need directly from the Earth/Universe?

  4. Am I ready to make the shift from operating as Homo sapiens to embodying the awakened, multidimensional state of Homo luminous? What would this transition require of me?

  5. Where in my life am I resisting the natural flow and feminine principle of simply being gifted what I need to face life's challenges? How can I surrender more deeply?

  6. How might ancestral or cultural beliefs be obstructing my connection to my feelings and embrace of the sacred feminine? What can I do to clear those impediments?



Show notes with Timestamps

5:10 Answers to survey questions; reference to being ‘stuck in your head’; what it means- difficulty releasing dense energies because of the investments of the meaning of the mind thoughts; the blocks; letting go of who you think you are- letting go of your stories of why you feel like this, why you’re like this or that; you stay in the loops in relationship to that dense energy

14:00 How to get into heart from mind; spectrums of feelings is different from everyone because of personality types; reference to astrology and how it relates to going into heart/presence; ‘not being behind your eyes’ - spiritual teachings lack that concept of teaching; Western mind vs Eastern & Southern mind; reference to Light body; building a habit; honouring your dominant nature

28:02 Being in a community helps with unravelling our blind spots; when someone points out the truth to you, blind spots can feel painful; personal relationships can be a great reflection; finding blindspots within your triggers

35:12 How to levitate; Christina’s reference to teachers who can levitate; having no resistance is key

37:20 Cultivating transmissions for the light body; reference to Christina’s experience with fire ceremonies

41:15 Answer to question: Why so many females in energetic art than males; difference between male and female [womb space]- gateway to bring souls into this reality; that soul has an agreement; without the womb space, there wouldn’t be a lot of mammal or human life form; birthright is given by sacred Pachamama; women are poised for the mystical by default

48:18 men don’t have that stargate like the women, they have a different relationship to Pachamama; neglecting the needs of life is a sickness in humanity; reference to Fae realm; reference to new human {homoluminous] - being in harmony with the new earth; Homoluminous are multidimensional; 

54:35 sacred feminine initiation not the same as masculine; example of masculine way of initiations; feminine way is gifting with anything needed for success and an example; transition of humanity from homosapien to homoluminous is a choice




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