Navigating Challenging Narratives on the Spiritual Awakening Journey

May 30, 2024

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With seemingly endless narratives popping up, how do we approach narratives that challenge our beliefs or trigger us? For many people, everything they may think to be true is being questioned. But how do you discern what's true and what's a lie or 'conspiracy?'

It is important to notice one's bodily reactions when exposed to such narratives that threaten deeply-held beliefs. Rather than dismissing them outright, rely on those felt responses as threads leading to deeper truths. Avoid thought-loops that seek to prove the new perspective wrong, and nourish your "truth compass" - an ability to perceive authentic truth that transcends the mind.

A great tip to really sense your truth compass is slowing down your life pace so there's space inside and the whispers of your heart gets louder. Rather than living a fast pace where the ego-driver mind is needed to fulfil the daily grind (often in a loud way), when you slow down, you get clearer perspectives on choices in front of you.

When this truth compass is strong, you can venture into the unknown territory of shattered beliefs with peace, curiosity, adventure and even joy rather than fear. Remember, awakenings are not a final destination, but an ever-unfolding process catalyzed by reality-shattering challenges. Each new phase brings a more expanded sense of one's authentic self, then another challenge may present itself for you to expand even more.

Sounds like a rollercoaster ride right? You think the track is almost done, you catch your breath, and ohhh, there goes another round. However, imagine with each round, you no longer have nausea, you now anticipate an exhilarating ride that makes the Ferris wheel look boring.

So we encourage you to challenge your beliefs so the layers of deception can be shed leading to liberating thoughts, emotions and experience itself. The more of us that live authentic truth universally, the quicker positive change will occur.


Self Reflection Prompts

  1. When encountering narratives that challenge your core beliefs, what is your typical bodily reaction? Do you notice tension, constriction, heat, etc. in any particular areas?

  2. Can you sense if you have a "truth compass" that allows you to feel into authentic truth beyond the mental stories? If so, how can you strengthen and trust this intuitive guidance more?

  3. What are some of your most deeply held beliefs or assumptions about spiritual awakening, the larger shifts occurring, or your role in it all? Are you open to those being re-shaped as you evolve?

  4. Do you find yourself often caught up in mental loops trying to control outcomes from a place of fear? How might you practice being more present and surrendered to the unknown?

  5. In what areas of your life do you struggle to live your full authentic truth? What masks or inauthentic personas do you tend to operate from?

  6. When was the last time a life challenge initiated a profound awakening or paradigm shift for you? How did you relate to that experience - as a threat or adventure?


Show Notes

11:40 Addressing the idea of matrix controllers handling the consciousness of this realm; technology and engineering control; living as a multidimensional being- your authority in this reality is untouched; more about the reset agenda; reference to tartaria hypothesis;  manipulation of spiritual narratives

21:30 getting exposed to something that makes us question everything; spiritual abuse; what do we do when rug gets pulled out from under us; Christina’s experience in her teenage years with a ‘guru’; matrix causes us to doubt ourselves; questioning everything we know;

29:24 Christina’s process of discerning what’s truth or not in narratives- paying attention to body; our consciousness is malleable; reference to Joe Rogan/Terrance Howard interview

33:08 as we wake up from narratives, new narratives pop up; more about immortality stages; secrets we keep from ourselves on a soul level; stepping out of belief systems; importance of cultivating truth compass; feeling the unknown as an adventure- when you live authenticity, you surrender into the reality that you experience, is unknowable - everything is met with curiosity, wonder; when you come across narratives that challenge your sense of reality, you can settle in the knowing you’ll come out stronger; continue to challenge whether narratives are true and become more liberated

44:55 reference to indigenous teachers - there is no right or wrong; the disadvantages of living a fast-paced life; advantages of a slower pace lifestyle- clearer perspective on choices in front of us, being in the rhythms in our bodies, having the space

49:20 Christina references her thought loops; the mask of not wanting to make a mistake; when going into the unknown, what does your knowing rely on; our awakening is not a destination, it happens in phases as challenges comes - that’s where narratives can help us, it challenges us to expand; control systems cannot exist without us feeding it




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