Origin Stories and Our Lenses of Reality

Apr 25, 2024


Table of Contents

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  • Summary
  • Self-reflection questions
  • Show notes with timestamps


This episode focuses on origin stories and its effect on the spiritual evolution of humanity, exploring concepts like "enslaved soul races" and the importance of understanding our origin stories. Let’s sit with the expansive nature of divinity, emphasizing the idea that the "medicine is in the poison" - the solution to problems often lies within the problem itself. This perspective is important for maintaining a balanced outlook amidst the various narratives and dramas unfolding in the collective consciousness.

A key focus is the need to reclaim our true origin stories, using tools like Star Origin mapping or True Sky astrology, to counter the narratives that have been imposed on us. Our origin stories, whether as individuals or as a species, have a profound impact on our perspectives and experiences. Reconnecting with these authentic origins can help us and the collective to navigate the complexities of human existence more effectively.



Self Reflection questions:

1. What is your understanding of the concept of "enslaved soul races"? How does this resonate with your own spiritual beliefs and experiences?

2. How much importance do you place on understanding your personal and ancestral origin stories and Starseed Origin? In what ways could delving into your origins impact your perspective and sense of identity?

3. When faced with problems or challenging narratives in the collective, how often do you seek to find the "medicine within the poison"? What would it look like for you to cultivate more flexibility and adaptability in your perception of such situations?

4. In what ways do you feel empowered to actively shape and "dream" the world into a new paradigm? What steps could you take to further develop this sense of agency and connection to the collective transformation occurring?


Show Notes with Timestamps

3:50 reference to Greg Braden interview talking about the bigger picture going on; the term divinity; what does ‘highest good’ mean; being infinite

13:00 working with dreamtime and groups in the academy; Christina’s experience of tracking in groups- the solution is in the problem; by being present, you can unravel and an expansive perspective can show the solution

20:42 reference to infinity; highest order of the Universe is endless movement; the importance of expanding your perspective and a flexible mind

23:50 witnessing incidents during an awakening journey that challenges what you thought this reality is about; we have the capacity to shape this reality into anything we want it to be; importance of creating with a group

26:45 narratives that are becoming more inflamed; solutions coming instantly when we keep showing up and being courageous

30:45 our origin story; reference to a guy discussing the history of Black America; importance of flexible thinking and communication, especially contact with exo-species; Christina’s reference of her lineage origin; then there’ the humanity’s origin story- reference to slave race; other origin stories between races etc; our origin story influences in how we perceive narratives; our truth compass can help us discern what is truth within the stories

39:55 story tellers can be powerful healers with the right story and the energy of deep truth within it; it’s not about the story itself but the feeling that happens with it

44:00 some narratives are designed to illicit a response; our origin story seed feelings that lead to behaviours that become default within us; we need to get clear is what those stories are for us; our origin story comes from us not from anyone else

47:00 dark vs light and how that paradigm leads to a need to shift to another paradigm; old paradigm elements- power over dynamics, social constructs etc; pain and intensity in change; when you change & unravel internally, your external world changes

53:35 sequence of experiences that our individuation goes through; entering Milky Way galaxy and our frequency signature and incarnating; emerging out of the one consciousness- some may have incarnated into different star systems; experiences are collected within the akashic field; your frequency changes and you go into another place (movement map); star seed origins and astrology




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