Our DNA Dance Awakening and Consciousness

awakening awakening journey Mar 14, 2024

The concept of our DNA awakening is gaining attention and prompting a shift in our understanding of its potential. Initially dismissed as "junk DNA," recent perspectives are challenging this notion, suggesting that the dormant segments of our genetic code are not inactive but rather undergoing an awakening process. This awakening, often associated with terms like ascension or inception, is believed to be directly linked to our expanding consciousness. As our DNA dance unfolds and activates, it calls for a comprehensive integration within our physical, emotional, and spiritual systems. This integration is essential to accommodate the expanding DNA dance, signifying that simply elevating our vibration isn't enough; instead, a holistic upgrade is required across various facets of our existence.

The signs of a DNA awakening are not distant or abstract but deeply intertwined with our present reality and experiences. From the quality of our relationships to the very fabric of our existence, these signs are firmly rooted in the here and now. As our DNA dance unfolds, our physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects are called to adapt and upgrade in tandem. This process demands a harmonious integration within our entire being, from the structure of our bodily waters to the alignment of our unseen forces, all working in unison to accommodate this profound awakening. Watch the above video for a quick explanation or the full episode below for a more thorough explanation. 

Lunchtime Chats full episode 163

6:57 Collective field and narratives; truth compass is important; the concept of DNA dance awakening; ascension process is about the DNA dance opening up; kinds of things that come up during this process; consciousness is directly connected with DNA dance expansion- your system needs to accommodate that by integration; all of our fields (spiritual, mental, body, emotional) have to get upgraded and reorientate; presence

14:00 one thing that happens is immune system gets challenged; once DNA dance changes, immune system also changes; you get sick differently, you age differently; what you can do when you notice that; even your exit point can change

18:05 another thing that happens is state of being feels uplifted and more connected with this realm; ancestral work important in accelerating DNA dance so they can support

21:09 the third thing that happens is heightened sensitivity; more intuitive, empathic, lucid dreaming; mystical capacity come online; but it’s not always smooth- if someone resists the change, it could be a painful journey; relationship dynamics change; as you clean up the relationships and you practice self-respect, the journey is a beautiful experience

24:57 the fourth thing that happens is an increase in magical connection to nature and animals; dynamics within the natural world gets clearer ie.plant world, elemental beings, animals; Christina’s experience with apartment shopping and a cat

29:18 another occurrence is feeling tired, can’t concentrate because of the pressure against your subsconscious beliefs etc; more aware of what you’re creating, what works for you and what doesn’t work for you

32:50 difficulty hearing others or being listened to; can’t connect with others who are at such different frequencies; power of the voice to integrate; frequency of from where your speaking from; you decide where your bandwidth goes; reference to Dr. Gilbert’s voice

39:22 you fight the integration by using your voice to speak against your truth and support power over dynamics

40:35 another thing that happens is brain gets online from dormancy- can feel uncomfortable at first; reference to shadow work; Christina’s experience with reclaiming- feeding creativity, doing things new, learning a language, activating the frontal cortex, new movements; dancing; studying new things; creating relationships with exo-species; importance of heart healing

47:10 awakening process is a ‘we’ game, not an individual game

47:50 reference of a past tinnitus video; ringing and pressure in your ear(s); sensitivities are heightened; picking up on sounds; disharmony frequencies can be painful; how to mitigate it and cancel out that wave if you want- focusing on inner rhythms or intentions/focus; reference to organ energetics & inner rhythms

56:03 harmonic frequencies causing tinnitus; what to do for that; opening the door to receive a download; DNA dance activates different aspects of energetic bodies; there is no going back from this DNA dance awakening; dawning of the new human (homo-luminous)

1:01:13 DNA dance types: reference to Sasquatch support; don’t invest your energy in feeding the old paradigm going

1:05:05 how to tune in to your heart beat with your intention and focus 



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