Reclaiming All Phases of Our Soul's Journey to Avoid Inception on all Levels

Apr 11, 2024


Table of Contents

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  • Summary
  • Self-reflection questions
  • Show notes with timestamps

This episode really dives into some powerful revelations, covering everything from ancestral healing and conscious dying, to the historical roots of our current reality. It offers a pretty liberating perspective on the challenges faced by us starseeds, wayshowers, and new paradigm visionaries.

One of the standout experiences was the "Life, Death, and DreamTime" workshop with the Lightbody Academy program members. Participants went through this transformative process, where they were able to liberate ancestral energies and connect with the different realms. A key takeaway was the importance of understanding and reclaiming the dying process.

Masters throughout history as well as ancestors have been trying to show us how to break free from the reincarnation cycle. This ties in with the origins of this realm going back millions of years. It was initially intended as a space for exploring separation and reunion with the cosmic mother. But factor in the inception by interdimensional species of ‘empire’ and that really throws a wrench in the works, hijacking the sacred priestesses and disrupting the divine masculine-feminine balance.

There is much more on how our birth, life, and death processes have been tampered with, draining our life force and trapping us in these orchestrated cycles. From the "straw man" game to the emotional rollercoasters of our experiences, there are some deep layers to this reality that we need to reckon with.

But it's not all doom and gloom if more of us understand the power of collective consciousness. Remember, with the malleability of reality, when our energies and intentions are in sync, there’s nothing that can stop us.

We can eradicate those synthetic constructs that have been implanted in us, as well as any enslavement agreements made. We can strengthen our focus and true immunity against the hijacking of our reality. Watch the replay to further understand how we as starseeds, wayshowers, and visionaries can break free of reincarnation cycles.


Self Reflection Questions

  1. How have my birth, living, and dying processes been impacted or "hijacked" in ways that have siphoned my life force energy? Where do I feel trapped in orchestrated cycles that don't align with my true nature?

  2. In what ways have I experienced the malleability of reality through the power of collective focus and intention? How could I further cultivate that energy of aligned consciousness to transform the properties of my own life experience?

  3. As a starseed, wayshower, or new paradigm visionary, how can I deepen my understanding of the complex reality I inhabit? What steps can I take to reclaim my rightful place as a sovereign being, free from the constraints of reincarnation and the commodification of my life force energy?


Show Notes with Timestamps

2:04 Reference to death rites and the past workshop event for the Lightbody community; reference to Christina’s experience with live blood analysis program; how the abstract and live blood analysis connect

10:45 infiltration and inception from millions of years ago; the purpose of experience in this reality; quick recap of Earth’s history and the narrative of when inception could have started

14:30 there are older narrative and deeper wisdom; reference to Sasquatch and author Sunbow; dreamtime and consciousness work; Sasquatch and much older narratives that goes back millions of years; Sasquatch and Ant people have information from millions of years that we can integrate and bring forward

18:12 DNA from other species from history; reference to ‘empire’ and ‘dna’- dna  & consciousness manipulation; it’s not just about beings serving other beings but transferring life force energy to non corporeal beings; in order to action in this reality, you need a biosuit- that’s why beings take control of humans to do their bidding; reference to akashic records (agreements, contracts, etc) that shapes our here and now; how beings use that to their advantage

23:48 empire commodifying life force energy and how we give them power- including birthing and dying process and everything in between; reference to life, death workshop- now is the time to reclaim dying process, afterlife so we don’t get into the reincarnatonal loop again; navigating afterlife so you can keep the memories in between lifetimes

27:15 Buddhist teachings - reference to dying with zero karma; more about the bardos (it’s like a maze of scenes between life and afterlife)- it’s suggested to not engage while in the bardos; reference to near death experience- a different dimension that can be liberating; what ancestors showed through consciously dying, going through death rites, we are given the opportunity to pass life reviews, bardos and go right to source; by reclaiming dying process, we reclaim our connection to Source and keep our cosmic memories intact in our consciousness; sacred birth and conception; the awakening process is far beyond what we think

35:50 Reference to City of Lights question;  the importance of community holding a collective field in place for a divine act to happen; reference to the Buddhist Siddhartha

42:10 we need to nurture our authenticity, the truth of who we are through connection; what we focus on becomes bigger; an example of tracking in hunting and how it relates to energy; millions of people focusing on a narrative anchors it to the collective field and live it in their reality

47:30 how powerful the collective field is- how powerful a consensual agreement is; Christina’s account of working with fire ceremonies- reference to taming the flames; collective can change the nature of things; what we collectively agree upon becomes so

52:02 the proper alignment to hijack our reality is not in place so they do it artificially- what the va%$x was about; with so many people believing pieces of that narrative, it shows in the body; consenting to power over dynamic game; the people awake to this are holding the collective field to prevent full inception

54:50 reference to dreamtime healing project; malleability of reality; reclaim your capacity to focus




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