Revelations at the Solstice: Tapping Into Ancestral Wisdom & Cosmic Cycles

Jun 20, 2024
ocean and sunset to represent summer solstice

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As the summer solstice arrives, bringing a turning of the seasons and a shift in the cosmic energies, I've been having profound realizations about the power of ancestral wisdom and aligning with the sacred rhythms of Earth and Cosmos. This solstice journey back to Ohio has been a trip through memory lane, while feeling completely new - a refreshing revisitation of old paths, but from an elevated vantage point.

A big part of these realizations has been reconnecting with the work of Barbara Handclow and the interdimensional activations she facilitated at the sacred site of Lilydale. This was my first introduction to the faerie realms, glimpsing spirits and experiencing interactions with these elemental beings. I'm being reminded that the roots of our work with the Sasquatch, Fae, and honoring the ancient indigenous wisdom runs far deeper than I knew. From Lilydale, the understanding opened that making your home space a place of exquisite beauty and love creates an energetic crucible for profound personal transformation.

I'm being called to revisit Lilydale and reactivate those portals, while tapping into a newly embodied comprehension around the importance of three generations aligning with a unified intent and consciousness. There is immense power in 3 generations focusing on the same high-vibrational frequencies and vision. This understanding links to the pre-birth principles of cultivating a purified lineage over three generations to birth a being of advanced consciousness and divine purpose onto the Earth plane...

-- Christina

Self-reflection questions

  • What ancestral wisdom or spiritual practices have been part of your lineage? How can you reconnect with or honor those ancient roots?
  • Think about the home you currently live in. In what ways can you intentionally cultivate more beauty, love and sacredness in that space to make it a transformational crucible?
  • Reflect on the resonant dreams, visions or intents held by the three most recent generations in your family line. Where do those align? Where have they diverged? What would it look like to get all three generations focused on the same highest vision?
  • When you consider the cosmic cycles of solstices, equinoxes, lunar phases, etc. - how can you realign your life rhythms to be in greater flow with these natural turning points?
  • If we are approaching a time of mass awakening and DNA shift, triggered by cosmic events like solar flares, what is the grandest version of yourself you would want to birth into that higher frequency reality?



5:14 Reference to Solstice realization; about Christina’s experience with Lilydale and Barbara Handclow; reference to the ‘importance of making home’ and the telluric realm; turning of the Solstice energies- feel what your heart wants to bring forward

12:36 woke narratives- perceived division between conservatives and the woke; about the concept of 3 generations purification and nesting dolls

21:27 Christina’s story of Solstice 2012; importance of connecting with the land, settling with oneself to get the wisdom

27:44 Barbara and her teachings of 9 dimensions; when its time for an idea to come forward, it’s not ‘owned’ its open source code; reference to quantum computing 

31:09 more about bodywork, rife work; reference to Christina’s discovery with live blood analysis and beehive frequencies

39:15 Christina’s vision of song vibrations from a man singing; reference to micro gridwork

48:25 Importance of feeling what your desires are at the turn of this season; masculine energy is the flavour that’s going to change, we have to reorientate to that change

49:18 reference to Indiana Jones and solar flares and the narratives; reference to Suspicious Observer’s channel; reference to Sun’s flares have an impact to our DNA and biosuit- pros and cons

54:37 reference to Lightbody Academy tracking clinics- importance to self-realize while in a biosuit

58:05 solar flares and transformation; reference to David Wilcox and his take on solar flares




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