The Collapse of Illusions: A Journey of Multidimensional Awakening

distortions multidimensional being truths Mar 28, 2024

As the collective awakening accelerates, many in the Starseed and Wayshower communities are reporting an intensified experience of the juxtaposition between harmonic and disharmonic energies. This heightened discernment is a sign of the deep transformations unfolding, challenging us to develop new levels of clarity and self-awareness.

At the heart of this phenomenon is the need to transcend ingrained patterns of "opposites attracting." Humanity has long been programmed to be drawn towards energies that are counter to our true essence - whether that's in our personal relationships or our societal structures. This dynamic keeps us trapped in a cycle of resistance and inner turmoil. However, as we learn to hold space for ourselves and others to share their stories without judgment, we unlock the doorway to deeper realizations. By honoring each narrative, we become empowered to question the very foundations of our perceived reality, dismantling the limiting frameworks that have confined us.

The journey of fully embracing our multidimensional nature is not without its challenges. Facing the malleability of reality itself and the dissolution of our sense of self can be profoundly unsettling. Yet, it is within the support of like-minded communities, and through aligning with elemental forces, that we find the courage and stability to navigate this transformative process. In doing so, we not only liberate ourselves, but contribute to the collective emergence of a new paradigm founded on unity, harmony, and the sovereign expression of our true essence.


Watch the full replay of Lunchtime Chats episode 166

Chapter 1 (00:00:02 - 00:02:05) - Welcome to the community, known as "Starseeds" and "Wayshowers", to discuss topics and issues relevant to their expanded capacities and perspectives.

Chapter 2 (00:02:05 - 00:09:52) - Reflection on the recent "Life, Death, and Dreamtime" intensive, where the group deeply processed and unwound many layers between the veils. Emphasis on the transformative potential of Starseeds connecting authentically with no pretense. Christina envisions what it would be like if there was an entire city of beings connecting in this way, where problems would cease to exist due to the heightened intuitive clarity and truth perception.

Chapter 3 (00:09:52 - 00:18:34) - Reference of the "nesting doll" model of reality, explaining how the 9-dimensional model taught by Barbara Hanblau is actually a representation of the control system. The deeper, multidimensional layers of reality that transcend this system is discussed, including the 11th-dimensional nature of the human brain and the activation of cosmic, dragon-like energies within us. Emphasis of the importance of recognizing the depth of the rabbit hole and the need to expand beyond limiting frameworks to access deeper truths.

Chapter 4 (00:18:34 - 00:39:02) - Christina addresses the question raised by one of the community members about the juxtaposition between harmonic and disharmonic energies, and the heightened discernment required to navigate this. Explanation of the importance of truly holding space for others to share their stories and perspectives without judgment, allowing them to access deeper realizations. Christina also discusses the challenges of navigating the "questioning of reality" process, where one has to face the dissolution of their sense of self and the malleability of reality itself, emphasizing the need for a supportive community during this transformative journey.

Chapter 5 (00:39:02 - 00:59:02) - Exploration of the concept of "opposites attracting" and the programming that has kept humanity drawn to energies that are not in alignment with their true essence.  Reference to the fear of fully embracing multidimensionality and the importance of connecting with elemental forces to support this process of awakening.

Chapter 6 (00:59:02 - 01:10:10) - Closing thoughts, encouragement of the community to stay involved and connected, and information about the Lightbody Academy programs. Mention of the collective nature of this journey and the support available from ancestors, nature, and the multiverse of beings working alongside humanity during this transformative time.


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