Unveiling the Fabric of Reality

Apr 18, 2024


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Let's take a look at this whole "nested realities" concept, shall we?

The idea is that our perceived reality is like a set of Russian nesting dolls, with each doll being a vast realm overseen by different cosmic guardians or keepers. On the outer layer, we've got the Milky Way galaxy itself, kept in order by a consciousness T'zolkin. Then inside that, there's the "All That Is" presence, which the famous Galactic Federation supposedly maintains. (There’s way more nesting dolls past the Milky Way but that’s for another time)

As we go deeper inward, we hit the realm of sound and vibration governed by the Andromeda consciousness. From those vibrations, we get the doll of physical shape and form looked after by the Syrians. Next up is the 5D level of pure creative flow - that's the domain of the Pleidians, whether you vibe with the light or dark versions. The 4D doll of linear time and collective fields? The Anunnaki are keepers on that layer.

Then we arrive at the 3D physical reality that us humans call home. We're the keepers and curators of this particular doll in the set. But there’s more - a theory that distortions in our DNA have gotten us stuck in corrupted, incepted versions of these nested realms, preventing us from true sovereign freedom. As our consciousness expands, we can start perceiving these distortions. Like how True Sky Astrology exposed the limitations of previous zodiac models. So what’s real and what’s not? Well, depending on where you are in your DNA dance awakening journey will determine how past the illusions you perceive.

However, there is lot of the persistent doomsday narratives that are control mechanisms to restrict our DNA's full activated expression. Like, a form of consciousness quarantine almost. But as our DNA activates more through our integrity and authenticity, we can navigate beyond those control systems and realize there are way more choices than the strict "this or that" binary options constantly presented to us.

Each time we metaphorically "die" to another aspect of our limited ego-self, we embody more sovereignty. At the end of the day, the core message is that we are the sovereign creators and architects of our own reality's unfoldment. It's all about that focused intent and integrating our DNA's natural activation. Doing so returns us to those organic rhythms that enable our full creative multi-dimensional emanation as beings AND as keepers of our realm.



Self Reflection Questions

1. What narratives or stories do you find yourself frequently buying into that may be attempting to limit your consciousness or DNA activation?

2. Can you identify times when you've realized there were more choices available beyond the prescribed "this or that" binary options?

3. How might disconnecting from technology/EMFs for a period of time allow you to restore your natural rhythms and clarity?

4. Have you ever had an experience of metaphorically "facing death" that peeled away layers of your ego? What emerged?

5. If reality is constructed of nested realms/dolls, each with potential distortions, how might this shift your perspective on embodying sovereignty over your reality's unfoldment?


Show Notes with Timestamps

3:50 Answering a question on astrology; reference to Rae Ellen, Lightbody Academy astrologer; explanation of nesting dolls and reference to Galactic Federation; keepers of sound vibration is consciousness of Andromeda; sound frequency create share and form- keepers are Syrians; Pleidians are keepers of nesting doll of 5D consciousness; Annunaki keepers of 4D; Humans keepers of 3D; there’s dark and light in all keepers; 2D is Telluric intelligence; 1D is cosmic mother

12:35 the inner is the outer and vice versa; reference to looking at blood through microscope; the teachings we have here that tune us back into outer nesting dolls, in integrity the closer you get to yourself, creator; but if you go into the nesting dolls that cause confusion, scattered etc, those are overplayed with inversions, distortions

15:35 DNA dance is heavily distorted; as distortions take place, it shifts us into different nesting dolls; as our DNA dance wakes up, we wake up to the distortions within these nesting dolls and see things differently- this includes astrology; we can relate to different types of astrology depending on which nesting doll we are relating to

17:50 the way things spin impacts what kind of realities we experience; when our DNA dance awakens & expands, we experience different ‘spin’; we can experience different ‘universes’ in the here and now from others; reference to flat earth supporters; how the nesting dolls are arranged within us are via the DNA dance

21:40 reference to the types of astrology - Tropical, True sky, Ayurvedic; time keeping overlays; our natural rhythms are not always in alignment with certain astrology models; what is True Sky astrology; astrology is one of many doorway into our akashic field; as our consciousness expands, we’ll liberate ourselves from distortions and will be easier to tap into the infinite nature within

29:35 the perspectives of the Galactic federation agenda and how our DNA awakening affects what we align with; the importance of listening to our inner rhythms; Christina’s experience with Drunvalo Melchizadek and reference to spiral ratios (fibonacci) and determining which universe we are in

35:20 nesting dolls with keepers and distorted realities; reference of tuning devices to tuning to fibonacci that can potentially anchor you in more to that distorted reality; what does ‘artificial’ mean; signs of our reality inception - reference to the Sphinx; the malleability of our reality regardless of control structures and narratives; narratives put in place so we don’t expand to infinite capacity

46:35 what is the meaning of ‘artificial’; reference to everything having a rhythms; the slightest skew will change a perspective a lot; disconnecting from electronics or EMF fields can dissemble disharmonies within the body

55:40 technology isn’t the bad guy but its the way we use it; benefits/disadvantages; just because something is technical doesn’t mean its bad, it’s about what is our relationship to that technology





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